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Mathjax Integration

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My blog is now mathjax enabled which means I can now write math expressions in plain text markdown. Here is the wave equation by Erwin Schrödinger.

$$ [ i\hbar\frac{\partial \psi}{\partial t} = \frac{-\hbar^2}{2m} \left( \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} + \frac{\partial^2}{\partial y^2} + \frac{\partial^2}{\partial z^2} \right) \psi + V \psi ] $$

Here is $\rm \LaTeX$ inline, math representation of a circle ( $\begin{align} x^2 + y^2 = 1 \end{align}$) and here is Euler’s constant. $$ e = \mathop {\lim }\limits_{n \to \infty } \left( {1 + \frac{1}{n}} \right)^n $$

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